Walmart 1P Integration Software

DSV, Warehouse, and Import

Walmart 1P suppliers, such as drop ship vendor (DSV), warehouse, and import suppliers, sell their items directly to Walmart to retail. Suppliers can manage their items, orders, inventory, and more with GeekSeller.
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GeekSeller is an approved Walmart Marketplace Solution Provider.
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There are three primary ways DSV sellers utilize GeekSeller

Connecting GeekSeller to 3rd party Software or 3PL
Walmart DSV sellers use GeekSeller to send order for printing to ShipStation. GeekSeller pushes to SHipStaton orders, and sellers are printint them frim within ShipStation, using 3rd party Walmart shipping accounts, which cover the cost of the labels. GeekSeller takes also care of updating inventry on Walmart and pushing tracking numbers to Walmart.

Manage everything from GeekSeller

You can use manage everything via our system, changing qunatity, manage product content and print labels. You cannect your FedEx and UPS account and link it to Walmart's 3rd party billing. GeekSeller offers many automation tools to make the process printing labels fast such as batches and autoamtic selection of shipping carrier and method.

Use our API/FTP to exchange data

You can also utilize our API and FTP to send your orders for fulrillment to 3PL or any other system you work with. This allows to build your own solution to interact with Walmart DSV, but utilizin gGeekSeller infostructire, make it it more reliable and get our support.

What is Buy Box

When multiple merchants sell the same item on, all offers are shown on one page. However, only one offer wins the Buy Box, and this seller takes the vast majority of sales.

How to win Buy Box

There are several factors that determine the winner:
  • Shipping

    Use quality shipping services and a reputable 3PL for timely deliveries, or outsource logistics and warehousing to Walmart through WFS.

  • Performance Score

    Learn what Walmart expects from sellers to maintain a high seller performance score and how to become a Pro Seller.

  • Price

    Adjust your prices dynamically with a repricer to provide the best offer. Learn how it works below.

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