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Amazon MCF Program

Automate fulfilling multichannel orders with your FBA inventory and blank box feature.

Sell on Walmart Canada

Expand your business to Canada with Walmart and GeekSeller.

Walmart US Marketplace

Walmart Repricer, Walmart Fulfillment Services (WFS), and more.
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Why us?

Official Partnerships
You get access to priority support channels thanks to GeekSeller's direct relationships with marketplaces.
Customer Support
You get access to our team with years of experience working every day with resolving marketplace related issues. We're available via email, screen-share sessions, phone, and live chat.
We help you to automate your order and quantity management, advanced options can route orders and quantity based on customized rules.
"Excellent Support. Geekseller support is the BEST. Not only was my problem fixed, but a thorough and easy-to-understand explanation of what I was doing wrong was given."
Via TrustPilot on Feb 2022 by Pam
"Wonderful to work with. They are so intelligent, fast, and willing to help, it makes my job easy!"
Via TrustPilot on Jan 2021 by Jayne
"Geekseller staffs, support and service are great and technology company that still have a human touch is hard to find these days. If you have multi-warehouse, multi-channels then check out geekseller. I love these guys"
Via TrustPilot on May 2022 by Nanlika
About GeekSeller
We offer an easy way for brands and retailers to sell on the world's largest online marketplaces. GeekSeller was one of the first official Walmart API partners, assisting Walmart US Marketplace, DSV (Drop Ship Vendors), Walmart Mexicon, and Walmart Canada. We also support many other platforms such as Mercado Libre, Amazon, eBay, Shopify, Overstock, Google, Etsy, WooCommerce/WordPress, Wayfair, BigCommerce, and many more.
We are a multichannel e-commerce platform with tools to automate listing, quantity, and order management, as well as enabling repricing and analytics. Our platform is designed to provide large-scale businesses with customization options and professional customer support. You can read more about us in the About section.

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