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As an official Walmart API partner, we help hundreds of sellers succeed on Walmart via the Marketplace, DSV, Walmart Canada, and Sam's Club.
We work directly with Google to help sellers onboard and maintain success with Google Shopping.
Deliverr is a growing 3PL that can help you get badges displayed for Amazon Prime, eBay Fast n' Free, and Walmart Free 2-day shipping.
Our ShipStation integration allows you to share order and tracking information between ShipStation and any connected marketplace.
Official Partnerships
As official partners of the top marketplaces, we have access to priority support channels that help us get better solutions faster.
Customer Support
Our support team guides sellers through onboarding and ongoing maintenance. We're available via email, screen-share sessions, phone, and live chat.
Automated order and quantity management help prevent overselling, but more advanced options can route orders and quantity based on customized rules.
Quantity Management

Synchronize quantities between marketplaces

Product Management

Add and edit listings

Order Management

Integrate with over 100 shipping carriers


Create rules to automate tasks


Analyze data through an interactive dashboard

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"Excellent support! Live chat technical support has been a lifesaver. I've also received late night follow-ups to my support tickets, which have helped solve issues faster."
Via TrustPilot on July 2020 by Bukie
"Made short work of a frustrating issue in a couple of hours! I am very grateful and trust Geekseller with all my business moves!"
Via TrustPilot on Jun 2020 by Sandra
"Quick and very responsive in addressing issues as always! Thank you."
Via TrustPilot on Feb 2020 by Robert

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About GeekSeller
We are a multichannel e-commerce platform with tools to automate listing, quantity, and order management, as well as enabling repricing and analytics. Our platform is designed to provide large-scale businesses with customization options and professional customer support. You can read more about us in the About section.
We specialize in Walmart API integrations. We were one of the first official Walmart API partners, assisting Walmart Marketplace sellers, DSV (Drop Ship Vendors) and Walmart Canada sellers. We also support many other platforms such as Amazon, eBay, Shopify, Overstock, Google, Wayfair, BigCommerce, Etsy, and many more.

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