About Us

In the e-commerce business since 2008.
Trusted by many partners and thousands of sellers.

Our History

Slightly geeky engineers with a tech background founded a web design studio in 2008, in New York City.
We spent many years building web applications and ecommerce solutions.
When Jet.com launched, there were no integration providers supporting this new marketplace. We took this as an opportunity and created a system that specializes in helping sellers to sell on this new platform.
The word about GeekSeller spread, and we were invited to become one of Jet.com and Walmart’s very first official integration partners.
With thousands of sellers and direct partnerships with marketplaces and e-commerce platforms, we are growing fast by a word of mouth recommendations among sellers.
With competitive pricing, focusing on technology and customer support, we are growing fast and have aspirations to become an international, dominating multichannel e-commerce platform.
GeekSeller has been listed by Marketplace Pulse on the list of the most important companies in the e-commerce marketplace ecosystem.

Our Partnerships

We have a close relationship with each company that we integrate with. That allows us to contact our partners directly on behalf of our sellers in case of any emergencies.
We host various events and webinars with our partners:

Our Customers

We know how important good customer support is to your businesses.
"Made short work of a frustrating issue in a couple of hours! I am very grateful and trust Geekseller with all my business moves!"
Via TrustPilot on Jun 2020 by Sandra
"Excellent support! Live chat technical support has been a lifesaver. I've also received late night follow-ups to my support tickets, which have helped solve issues faster."
Via TrustPilot on July 2020 by Bukie
"Wonderful to work with. They are so intelligent, fast, and willing to help, it makes my job easy!"
Via TrustPilot on Jan 2021 by Jayne
"Where should i start.... Their support is outstanding. They are just so devoted and here to help.... I would definitely recommend it!"

Via Google Maps on February 2021 by Benjamin R.

“Absolutely the BEST customer service! ”
Overall: When dealing with one of the markerplaces I sell on, it is so frustrating to not be able to update the inventory or prices. I go into Geekseller and update there and they export it for me. I can also list new items in there which is so convenient.
Pros: Geekseller is easy to use and has the best customer service. Their live chat is so convenient. If you have to leave them a message you get a reply with a couple of hours. I have even received a response at 1am PST! This software is a time saver in what it does for my business. HIGHLY recommend.
Cons: I honestly have no cons for this software.
Reasons for Choosing GeekSeller: Reviews, suggestions from colleagues.
Reasons for Switching to GeekSeller: Price, customer service, accuracy, user friendly.

Via Capterra on September 2020 by Darol T.

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