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Simple pricing

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$99/mo + 1% of sales
never over $1,000/mo
Unlimited orders, SKUs and integrations, product, order and quantity management with all the support and major functionalities you need to run your multichannel e-commerce business.
flat fee, no % of sales
For companies that need advanced integrations with their ERP, CRM, EDI or Accounting software. Get a dedicated account manager, access to Amazon buy box monitoring and omnichannel price management option.

Custom Pricing
tailored to your needs
For companies that need complex customization options, with private and dedicated infrastructure.
$99/mo + 1% of sales
never over $1,000/mo
flat fee, no % of sales
Custom Pricing
tailored to your needs
2 weeks with no commitment
Unlimited orders and SKUs
Access to all available integrations
Product management
Order management
Quantity management
Quantity rules
Analytics and reports
Walmart and Jet repricers
Walmart customized items
Knowledge Base
Email support
Live chat support
Phone support
Custom integrations
Rapid response contact
Amazon Buy Box monitoring
Omnichannel price management
Dedicated account manager
API access (beta)
ERP, Accounting, CRM, EDI
Private database for data storage
Dedicated infrastructure

Common Questions

How does the two week trial work?

Once your application is approved, you are given access to our system and GeekSeller Support will help you onboard. If after two weeks you decide not to stay, you can leave with no obligation to pay for the first two weeks. If you decide to stay, we ask that you pay for the first two weeks.

How does the $1,000/mo billing policy work?

Our Standard plan is capped so that you will never pay over $1,000 per month even if 1% of sales + $99 adds up to over $1,000.

When will I be charged?

Our Standard and Pro plans are on a bi-weekly billing schedule. Your first invoice is due two weeks after joining. Enterprise pricing is negotiated case-by-case.

What is a rapid response contact?

Enterprise accounts receive a unique emergency email address which will be reviewed within three hours on business days.

Can I cancel my account at any time?

We will be sad to see you go, but you can cancel Standard and Pro plans any time. Enterprise plans may include contingencies.

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