How much
does it cost?

Your plan is determined and adjusted automatically based on GMV (Amazon FBA and Walmart WFS orders are excluded).


Monthly GMV:
$0 - $40,000


Monthly GMV:
$40,001 - $65,000


Monthly GMV:
$65,001 - $2,000,000
Large Volume Sellers - - We also provide enterprise solutions for sellers who require extended resources, custom solutions, and ongoing consultations. Contact us for details.
Two-week trial
Once registered, you will be given access to our system, and GeekSeller Support will assist with onboarding. If, after two weeks, you decide that GeekSeller is not the right solution for your business, you can leave with no obligation to pay for the first two weeks. However, if you decide to stay, we ask that you pay for the first two weeks.
Cancelation policy
You can cancel standard pricing plans (listed above) at any time. To cancel Enterprise plans - contact your account manager.
When will I be charged?
Our Standard plans are on a bi-weekly billing schedule. Your first invoice is due two weeks after joining. Enterprise pricing is negotiated on a case-by-case.
"Excellent support! Live chat technical support has been a lifesaver. I've also received late night follow-ups to my support tickets, which have helped solve issues faster."
Via TrustPilot on July 2020 by Bukie
"Made short work of a frustrating issue in a couple of hours! I am very grateful and trust Geekseller with all my business moves!"
Via TrustPilot on Jun 2020 by Sandra
"Quick and very responsive in addressing issues as always! Thank you."
Via TrustPilot on Feb 2020 by Robert

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