How to get more Ratings and Reviews on Walmart Canada

Walmart Canada is stepping up and expanding faster than ever before. Along with the expansion, customers are getting savvier with online shopping and prone to leave ratings and reviews after the purchase. It goes without saying that a successful strategy in that field leads to more traffic and increased sales conversion. It is now prime time to work on your Walmart Canada product reviews as the holiday season is almost here.

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Where are my Retired Walmart Products?

If you sell on Walmart for some time, you probably know that you cannot completely delete Walmart listing from their database. The most radical thing you can do to remove a product (right after setting its quantity to 0) is to retire it. You can do that on Walmart Seller Center for any product in your catalog. It is a relatively straightforward process as you have to mark the items you would like to remove and select ‘Retire Items’ from the Action Menu. After about 24 hours, your products should be removed from the website and your active items catalog.

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Walmart Pro Seller Badge Requirements Update

On August 9th Walmart has updated the criteria that you need to fulfill to be granted a Pro Seller Badge. The requirements have not changed significantly, but all sellers who would like to retain or gain the badge have to comply with new rules until the beginning of October. Along with the requirements update, Walmart has improved the badge visibility for customers, adding the information on the additional sellers’ page and in the shopping cart.

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Walmart DSV login issues

Having a hard time logging in to your Walmart DSV account? The first sensible thing to do is password reset right on the login page but if you happen to forget your Walmart user ID you might be in trouble. Fortunately, Walmart DSV support recently added an option to call the Retail Link Help Desk in such cases.

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