Walmart Phone Support Update

Back in April, we wrote about Walmart opening a long-anticipated phone support service for sellers. At first, it was only available for WFS users, but now Walmart is opening it for all marketplace sellers in need. The feature is still a bit limited as you can only request a call back from a support representative within a specific timeframe. Still, even with this limitation, it is a much faster way to resolve the issue than a support case.

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Is your account eligible for FBA Unbranded Box?

Amazon MCF (Multi-Channel Fulfillment) will enroll sellers that are using GeekSeller in the unbranded-packaging program. Sellers can use their existing FBA inventory to fulfill Multi-Channel Fulfillment orders. If the existing FBA inventory is placed in the non-unbranded-packaging fulfillment center, MCF won’t be able to use this inventory for unbranded-packaging orders. In this case, sellers will need to send more stock to Amazon. Sellers will need to ship more than 18 units per product for each of their shipments.

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Walmart “Black Friday Deals for Days”

After last year’s tremendous success and excellent customer reception, Walmart announced the second annual “Black Friday Deals for Days” events. The events will last through November, both online and in Walmart stores. This is great news for customers, but sellers can also leverage the increased traffic with a few simple steps during these crucial dates.

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Walmart Seller Verification

Due to recent changes in the applicable law, Walmart had to adjust the way they verify business information. The changes were rolled out in early October 2021, and all sellers are responsible for providing accurate and current business information in accordance with the new regulations. Below you can find a breakdown of the new required changes and instructions on where to provide them.

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