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GeekSeller® White Label Solution

Expand your multichannel offering with our technology

Ideal for small and medium-size 3PL Companies and eCommerce Agencies.

Use our software to offer your clients synchronization with new marketplaces.

How it works





Create accounts for your clients on GeekSeller. This is a white label solution, your clients are not our clients.
Connect GeekSeller to your clients' marketplaces, so you sync data from their platforms to GeekSeller.
Sync orders and inventory between your system and GeekSeller using FTP or API.
You can also redirect selected orders to other 3PLs (such as Amazon FBA or Walmart WFS), or push data to systems such as ShipStation.

Utilizing our technology

Walmart US, CA, MX, DSV
Mercado Libre
Your Client 1 Account
Your Client 2 Account
Your Client 3 Account
Your System
Your Client 1 Account
Your Client 2 Account
Your Client 3 Account
And many more, contact us for details.
Amazon MCF
Walmart WFS

Plug and Play Integrations

If you use 3PL Central or ShipStation, we have ready-to-connect integrations. We also support Walmart WFS and we can redirect selected or all orders of your clients to Amazon FBA (using MCF) for fulfillment.

GeekSeller Overview

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For a limited time, we are waiving the Master Account fee of $1,000/mo. Signup now, you will have the $1,000/mo waived forever, and pay only $99/mo for each sub-account. This pricing applies only to 3PL companies and e-commerce agencies with multiple clients.

Simple Plan

$1,000/mo $0
Master Account, then
for each sub-account

No hidden fees
How does this pricing work?
You get your Master Account ($1,000/mo $0), under which you can add multiple sub-accounts for your clients. Each sub-account costs $99/mo. This is a special price for 3PL companies and agencies.
An account with three subaccounts is a total of $1150/mo $0 $297/mo.

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Why us?

Official Partnerships
You get access to priority support channels thanks to GeekSeller's direct relationships with marketplaces.
Customer Support
You get access to our team with years of experience working every day with resolving marketplace-related issues. We're available via email, screen-share sessions, phone, and live chat.
We help you to automate your order and quantity management, advanced options can route orders and quantities based on customized rules.