Black Friday is Coming

For some retailers, it’s already here. With controversy surrounding doorbuster deals in recent years, starting sales and promotions early creates an opportunity for buyers who are uncomfortable with the hype to get a piece of the savings.

In e-commerce, we know that the bulk of the work in preparation for Black Friday and Cyber Monday has already been done. So what can you do this week to stay on the right track?

U.S. announces withdrawal from Universal Postal Union

The United States plans to withdraw from the 144 year old postal treaty, Universal Postal Union, which coordinates postal policies among member nations. The treaty allows companies in China to ship small packages to the U.S. at a highly discounted rate. This will undoubtedly increase tensions with China. Read more for a brief history of the treaty and what it means for U.S. sellers.

Sell on Google Express with Shopping Actions

Earlier this year Google introduced Shopping Actions— a shopping program which allows retailers to list their products on Google; not through a link to their website, but as Google listing that will be dropshipped by the retailer. This functions the same way as Amazon, Jet, Walmart, and eBay. It’s a new marketplace by Google that allows 3P sellers to list their products.

5 reasons you should be on fast-shipping programs across marketplaces

Many sellers sign up for Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA) and get their listings Prime-enabled, then stop there. However, Amazon Prime isn’t the only fast-shipping program that gives eCommerce sellers an advantage. Walmart 2-Day shipping, eBay Guaranteed Delivery (eGD), Wish Express, and Google Express are all vital to diversifying your online profits.

3 Ways Smart Online Retailers Save on Shipping Fees

E-commerce definitely has advantages over brick-and-mortar retail. Online retailers don’t need to worry about maintaining real estate or negotiating leases. Plus, they can reach a wider audience since shoppers have to travel no further than their smartphone or computer to make a purchase. But what traditional retailers have that e-commerce merchants don’t is freedom from…

Conducting E-Commerce business in Canada – a guide for US sellers

Conducting E-Commerce business in Canada A guide for US sellers For e-commerce, one of the biggest challenges is increasing your sales in an already saturated marketplace. The most obvious strategy to increase sales is to sell on many different marketplaces and cast a broad net hoping to bring in more customers. Another strategy that some…