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Use GeekSeller to integrate Walmart and Deliverr, a Walmart certified 3PL company. Using Deliverr gets you access to the Free 2-Day Shipping Tag and Walmart Advertising.
GeekSeller can be your bridge between Walmart and Shopify. Transfer products from Shopify to Walmart and manage your Walmart quantities and orders from Shopify.
Generating labels with ShipStation? We are an official ShipStation partner, offering an advanced solution for integrating Walmart and ShipStation.

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Common questions about selling on Walmart Marketplace

Walmart works with sellers who can provide quality products, fast and reliable shipping, and great customer support. There are no exact guidelines, but more established businesses have a better chance of approval. Walmart does not allow any logos on boxes or invoices. Products must be shipped from your warehouse or a 3PL. You need your products to have UPC or EAN or GTIN codes. The application process is free and simple and if approved you will hear from Walmart within a few weeks.

Walmart acquired Jet in 2016, but the two marketplaces exist as separate entities with separate applications. They have separate seller centers and products are listed completely independently on each. However, GeekSeller can help you integrate them.

Walmart introduced Walmart Marketplace in 2016 allowing merchants to become partners. Once approved, third-party merchants are allowed to sell products on Diversifying your sales channels is always a good idea. attracts millions of buyers, it's one of the largest and fastest growing platforms, and it costs nothing to get started.

Walmart offers sellers their own admin panel, but businesses with large catalogs or those who sell on multiple marketplaces may require additional software. We are one of the top choices because we have an official API partnership with Walmart. GeekSeller allows you to:

  • Easily send products from GeeksSeller to Walmart
  • Manage orders from multiple marketplaces
  • Approve orders automatically
  • Sync inventory across multiple marketplaces
  • Get help publishing products and optimizing listings
  • Reprice products automatically and use other sales-enhancing tools
  • Sync orders and quantities with other marketplaces

If other sellers offer the same products, you compete with them for the buy box. GeekSeller offers a repricer to help you win the buy box.

Walmart generally charges a 15% base commission. Final rates differ by category. For details visit Referral Fees For Contract Categories in the Walmart Knowledge Base.

You can either create a case directly on your Walmart Seller Center or ask GeekSeller Support to contact Walmart on your behalf. See details.

Before Applying to Sell on the Walmart Marketplace

  • Study the list of restricted brands and products to make sure your products are not there.
  • Add an identifier like a UPC, EAN, or GTIN to each of your products.
  • Make phone and email support available to your buyers.
  • Ship products in plain, unbranded boxes.
  • Make products shippable across the continental United States.
  • Offer high-quality new or refurbished products.
  • Make your pricing competitive.

Already approved by Walmart?​

Sell on with GeekSeller. We can assist you with onboarding and optimization. We offer multichannel solutions to integrate your Walmart account with other channels.

Not approved by Walmart yet?

If you sell quality products, provide competitive prices and reliable shipping, Walmart is looking for sellers like you.

Tips &
tricks for

Walmart’s performance metrics

Walmart’s goal is to provide its customers with a top-notch experience. In order to achieve this goal, it was necessary to set some standards all sellers are obligated to meet by signing up an agreement. Walmart calls it a Seller Performance Standards, which consist of four metrics, each measuring specific values based on % of orders.

Walmart Shipping and Packaging Tips

As we are closing to the Q4 finish line, E-Commerce sales are getting momentum to break another record for the Holiday season. With such a vast amount of expected orders, many of the sellers may face issues with on-time delivery and returns rate which in turn may severely impact their metrics. Due to this fact it is very important to remember some of these best practices of Walmart shipping and packing.

Draw More Attention to Your Products with Walmart Special Tags

Have you ever noticed the short descriptions in the upper left corner or the shipping details section on the product page? Those are Walmart special tags assigned to your products as a result of running a promotion or activating fast shipping on Walmart Seller Center. Some of these tags can also be awarded to sellers who constantly provide good quality products and services.

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