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Use GeekSeller to integrate Walmart and Deliverr, a Walmart certified 3PL company. Using Deliverr gets you access to the Free 2-Day Shipping Tag and Walmart Advertising.
GeekSeller can be your bridge between Walmart and Shopify. Transfer products from Shopify to Walmart and manage your Walmart quantities and orders from Shopify.
Generating labels with ShipStation? We are an official ShipStation partner, offering an advanced solution for integrating Walmart and ShipStation.

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Common questions about Walmart Marketplace

Walmart works with sellers who can provide highest quality products, great customer support as well as fast and reliable shipping. There are no exact guidelines on who can sell on Walmart, but the more established the business is, the bigger the chance of getting approved. If you have good products at good prices, you have efficient distribution, and already have some online presence established, you should be approved without any problems. Please keep in mind, you cannot fulfill Walmart orders with FBA. Walmart has strict rules on packaging – they do not allow any logos on boxes or invoices which you ship to buyers. This means you need to either ship products manually from your warehouse, or by using a 3PL company.The application process is free and simple, you can fill out the application here, and if approved you will hear from Walmart within the next few weeks. When applying, make sure to list all the requested data accurately to avoid delays in onboarding.Walmart requirements for sellers:Have quality products (refurbished products are allowed)Provide competitive pricesBe able to ship within the US efficientlyProvide great customer service to buyersShip products in plain boxes, no branding (no FBA fulfillment allowed)You need your products to have UPC or EAN or GTIN codes. At least one of them is required, and you will not be able to sell on Walmart without valid codes.Study this list of restricted brands and products, to make sure your products are not there

Even though Walmart previously acquired JET, those two marketplaces exist as separate entities and you will have to apply separately for each of them. You will also need to list products separately, they have different panels and rules. You should treat them as two absolutely unrelated marketplaces. We do provide tools to be able to easily move products from different platforms.

In early 2016, Wal-Mart introduced Wal-Mart Marketplace, allowing merchants to register to become a partner. Once approved, a third-party merchant is now allowed to start selling their products on is yet another marketplace for merchants to sell on, and as a seller, you want to diversify your distribution channel. attracts millions of buyers, it is currently one of the largest and fastest growing eCommerce platforms, and it cost you nothing to start!

Walmart offers sellers their own admin panel so technically you can sell on their marketplace without a third-party service, but for merchants that have many products and sell on different marketplaces, additional software may be necessary.GeekSeller platform lets you:Easily import products from GeeksSeller panel to Walmart Marketplace Manage orders from multiple marketplaces in one panel Automatic approval of orders Keep your inventory synced for multiple marketplaces Provide dedicated support to publish products and optimize our listings Repricer and other tools to improve sales GeekSeller is an official Walmart API integration provider, helping thousands of merchants to start selling on Marketplace with our certified API integration solution. On top of the Walmart API integration, GeekSeller also offers a multi channel inventory synchronization between marketplaces and platforms such as JET, Amazon, eBay, Shopify. GeekSeller provides also integration with other systems such as ShipStation, ShipWorks and much more.

Walmart has a very similar concept to what Amazon offers. You put your products on, and if there are more sellers offer the same products, you compete with them for the buy box. GeekSeller offers a repricer to help you win the buy box.

Walmart charges a 15% base commission on most sales made through the platform, that rate can change, depending on the item’s category. For details visit Referral Fees For Contract Categories.

No one cares about products. People care about ideas. Is a product an idea? Noup. Is a brand? A good one is.

You can either create a case directly on your Walmart Seller Center or ask GeekSeller Support to contact Walmart on your behalf. See details.

Applying to Walmart requirements

  • Study this list of restricted brands and products, to make sure your products are not there.
  • You need your products to have UPC or EAN or GTIN codes. At least one of them is required, and you will not be able to sell on Walmart without valid codes.
  • Provide great customer service to buyers via  phone and email.
  • Ship products in plain boxes, no branding (no FBA fulfillment allowed).
  • Be able to ship within the US efficiently.
  • Have quality products (refurbished products are allowed)
  • Provide competitive prices.
  • When applying, make sure to list all the requested data accurately to avoid delays in onboarding.

Already approved by Walmart?​

GeekSeller will assist you with onboarding and account optimization. We offer multichannel solutions to integrate your Walmart account with other channels.

Not approved by Walmart yet?

If you sell quality products and can provide competitive price and reliable shipping, Walmart is looking for sellers like you.

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