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Expand your business with selling on Wayfair.

GeekSeller is an official Wayfair Partner since 2019.

Wayfair is an online marketplace specializing in home and garden products

Selling on Wayfair FAQ

Who can sell on Wayfair?
Wayfair is looking for suppliers offering quality products, primarily from the furniture, garden, and home decor categories.
How does pricing work on Wayfair?
Wayfair does not charge any percentage fees on sales made by sellers, but rather it operates on the wholesale cost model. This means Wayfair pays suppliers the wholesale cost of items, and the marketplace decides what the retail price should be on their website.
Shipping Wayfair orders
Wayfair’s primary method of fulfillment is drop-shipping. When a customer purchases something at, a seller receives the purchase order, prepares a package and ships it directly to a customer. The important detail is that a seller is responsible for getting a package ready, but this is Wayfair that arranges and pays for 100% of the shipping cost.
Sell globally
Wayfair works with suppliers from around the world. Wayfair is available for buyers in Canada, USA, and Europe.

Wayfair Integration

GeekSeller is an official Wayfair integration partner since 2019. We provide support for Wayfair sellers to help manage and automate their order and inventory management.
Multichannel Inventory Management
With GeekSeller, you can sync your inventory between Wayfair and other platforms, and have it updated automatically as you make sales.

Order Management
Create labels in a few clicks, for individual orders or in bulk. GeekSeller supports printing provided by Wayfair shipping labels.

CastleGate is Wayfair’s proprietary logistics offering which provides end-to-end services from factories across the world to the end customers across North America and Europe. If you are enrolled in this program, you will see all your CastleGate orders in the GeekSeller interface.

Premium Support
Escalate Wayfair support cases through GeekSeller's access to priority channels.

Create rules to automate tasks.

Analyze data through an interactive dashboard.

Already selling on Wayfair?

Sell on with GeekSeller. We offer multichannel solutions to integrate your Wayfair account with other channels and automate tasks.

Ready to apply to Wayfair?

Wayfair is looking for new sellers to join the marketplace. Fill out the interest form, and we will introduce your company to the Wayfair team.

Apply directly here or fill out this form and GeekSeller will introduce your business to the Wayfair team.

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