Amazon expands its network of warehouses

According to the story by Bloomberg, Amazon has spent billions of dollars on real estate, that will be used for a new generation of multi-story warehouses. For example, the company purchased 193 acres outside Round Rock, Texas –  located a few miles north of the booming city of Austin, where GeekSeller’s headquarter is located.

Amazon invests heavily in its delivery and warehousing, encouraging sellers to use their FBA program. With the recently redesigned Multi-Channel Fulfillment (MCF), sellers are encouraged not only to use Amazon’s warehouses to fulfill Amazon orders but also to use it for the fulfillment of other eCommerce channels. See our webinar with Amazon, where we cover in detail how MCF works.

Investing in warehousing is also something that other large players are focusing on. Walmart is aggressively expanding its WFS program, and Shopify just recently purchased Deliverr, one of our 3PL partners.

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Daniel Sodkiewicz

CTO and co-founder of GeekSeller, currently Daniel lives in Austin, TX.

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