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Amazon Q, generative AI-powered assistance

Amazon is stepping into the AI chatbot arena with ‘Amazon Q’, designed specifically for businesses. This new generative AI assistant unveiled at AWS re:Invent, aims to revolutionize work efficiency, offering customized, fast solutions for customer queries.

Amazon Q, Amazon’s new AI-powered assistant, is designed to assist IT professionals and developers in various aspects of AWS application development. Trained on 17 years of AWS knowledge and best practices, Amazon Q provides a range of capabilities, including application-building guidance, best practice research, error resolution, and coding assistance. Available across multiple AWS areas and integrated development environments, Amazon Q facilitates Java application upgrades, personalized Amazon EC2 instance selection, and network connectivity troubleshooting. This tool aims to simplify and streamline the development process on AWS, offering an AI expert by your side throughout every phase of application building​.

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Daniel Sodkiewicz (Co-founder and CTO)

Daniel is a CTO and co-founder of GeekSeller with years of experience in software development, online marketing, UX design, and e-commerce consulting. Based in Austin, TX, he is an established expert in the industry. Daniel keeps a close eye on the latest trends and news in e-commerce and regularly writes about it on this blog and LinkedIn.

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Stay updated on what is happening in the industry. Subscribe to our newsletter and receive our Walmart Listing Optimization ebook for free!