We’re all excited to finally be in 2019, and what better way to start the year than taking a moment to look back on where we’ve been. Here’s a timeline of our history including some exclusive insight into the minds of our founders and where we’re hoping to head this year.


Our founders we’re working together for Royal Deer Design, a small web design company with various kinds of clients including e-commerce sellers.

The founders maintain an open dialogue with sellers as a central part of the company strategy. While we’re monitoring the market, we’re basing our next moves on what we hear from sellers above everything else.


A few of their clients expressed interest in a solution for integrating with Jet and, true to form, the founders jumped at the opportunity to create something new and cut in ahead of the curve.



GeekSeller took off quickly. Once over 10 signups per day start rolling in, the founders know it’s time to focus on expanding and refining GeekSeller over the design company. Jet makes GeekSeller an official integration partner shortly after the launch, allowing us access to their tools and support. We used those resources to create a highly effective and competitive product ahead of our competitors.



GeekSeller expands and becomes official integration partners with Walmart. This was a crucial moment for us as it gave us access to exclusive support and resources that we were able to use to enhance our seller’s experience.



The Walmart repricer is born! This feature helps our users dynamically compete for the buybox and helps prevent automatic unpublishing due to pricing. We have since used this model to create repricers for Jet and eBay with more to come this year.



The first version of the Master Panel launches and we released the first eBay panel. Both of which have expanded and been upgraded several times since their launch. The Master Panel is now central to how the system functions, as it serves as the single panel from which quantities and orders can be managed for multiple marketplaces.



We collaborated with Walmart to create a joint webinar for the first time!

As 2017 came to a close, we finished the year with a bang by expanding our Walmart partnership to include DSV and Canada.



We were all thrilled to start working with Deliverr officially to enable our sellers to gain access to the Walmart 2-Day shipping tag and make use of Deliverr’s world-class 3PL services.



We attended IRCE 2018 to meet sellers and partners face-to-face and learn about some of the innovations coming down the pike in the wonderful world of e-commerce.


This year we are focusing on forging strategic partnerships, making exciting improvements to the system, and creating new tools to better serve our sellers.