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Amazon Custom Products

Product customization is changing the face of retail. No longer do you have to go to the local print shop and ask for a t-shirt, mug, or card with your name or logo– you can go to hundreds of sites across the web to upload your text/image and have it delivered to your door. Amazon’s decision to add customization options to their products is another move by the eCommerce titan to provide buyers with a single site that provides all their eCommerce needs.

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Grow your business with Seller Fulfilled Prime

Amazon first revolutionized online order fulfillment in 2006 with the introduction of FBA, and in 2021 they are again at the forefront of order fulfillment with the introduction of a new program– Seller Fulfilled Prime (SFP.) There are two programs that can affix Amazons Prime badge to your listings: Fulfillment By Amazon (FBA) Seller Fulfilled […]

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Amazon Address Verification

Amazon started sending emails to sellers requesting verification of their business address. The change was announced a few months ago as an improvement to ensure consistent seller information across the platform, so customers can make informed buying decisions. This way of displaying seller information was already in place for Amazon stores in Europe, Mexico, and Japan due to local policies. Now Amazon is sending the requests to 495,000 of its active sellers.

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