U.S. announces withdrawal from Universal Postal Union

The United States plans to withdraw from the 144 year old postal treaty, Universal Postal Union, which coordinates postal policies among member nations. The treaty allows companies in China to ship small packages to the U.S. at a highly discounted rate. This will undoubtedly increase tensions with China. Read more for a brief history of the treaty and what it means for U.S. sellers.

Walmart Launches Enhanced Marketplace Returns Program

On October 1st, 2018 Walmart introduced an enhanced Marketplace Returns Program. At the moment, this affects only Walmart US Marketplace sellers (not Walmart Canada or Walmart DSV). Below we have summarized the changes to provide you with a quick overview.

Q4 2018 E-Commerce Calendar and Guide

Are you ready for the holidays? Our E-Commerce Calendar and Guide goes over planning your holiday strategy, what to expect from each holiday and from the marketplaces, and how to prepare.

Jet.com September 2018 Redesign

Jet.com just got a new look and it looks great! Let’s see what changed.

The redesign revealed a new direction for Jet, targeting a specific audience, delivering great service to selected demographics, rather than trying to be another Walmart.

Facebook Marketplace – Merchant Commerce Feature

The recent influx of new e-commerce marketplaces popping up, trying to undermine Amazon’s dominance, is great for both sellers and buyers.

It isn’t easy to build a new e-commerce marketplace, and only large companies can afford to compete with Amazon. Walmart does an extraordinary job on that front, slowly gaining more and more market share. Recently, Google introduced Google Express, and now Facebook is working on its own e-commerce platform which they call the Merchant Commerce Feature.