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Sell on Google Express with Shopping Actions

Google Ads allows you to pay Google to display a link to your website when people search for related terms. Google Shopping can be used to promote your website visually with an image as illustrated below. Both Google Ads and Google Shopping offer PPC (pay per click) pricing. Google generates charges based on how many times an ad gets clicked on. Once someone clicks on the ad, they are directed to the retailer’s website where they can make a purchase.

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Jet introduces reviews

This month Jet added reviews to their website, something the GeekSeller team has been hoping to see for a long time. This enables Jet buyers to leave reviews on products. This is an important feature, as most shoppers make buying decisions based on reviews. Below are a few highlights about Jet’s review system: Buyers will […]

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Wal-Mart’s E-commerce Plan for 2017

As reported in this CNBC article, Wal-Mart is planning for more big investments into its e-commerce side of business. As Wal-Mart plans for the next several years, they have made public its plans to slow down in opening new brick-and-mortar stores, while it plans to invest in its e-commerce business. In recent news, you may […]

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Jet Now Offers Deals on Ibotta app is thinking “outside of the box” to attract new merchants and customers to its website. Retailer apps (like JET) are able to display products and advertisements inside of Ibotta. If the consumer makes a purchase, or signs up as a merchant, Ibotta will give the customer cash back. The Ibotta app has grown quite […]

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