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E-Commerce Web Spotlight: (Woo)

Welcome to E-Commerce Web Spotlight! In this series, we dive into the world of e-commerce websites, showcasing unique features, innovative designs, and the technologies that power them. Discover what makes each site stand out in the digital marketplace.

Today, we feature, a beautifully designed website that leverages WooCommerce as its platform. This site, built by Crosby Interactive, stands out not only for its user-friendly layout and vibrant visuals but also for its integration of several interesting plugins, such as Accessibility and Autoship Cloud, which enhance the shopping experience. Homepage, March 2024

Dan-O’s Seasoning, born in 2017 from humble flea market beginnings, has rapidly become a nationwide sensation. They’ve cultivated a devoted following through savvy social media and YouTube campaigns. Now available on major platforms like and, Dan-O’s showcases the power of passion and innovation in the culinary world. With quality ingredients and a commitment to customer satisfaction, they’ve transformed a simple seasoning into an essential kitchen staple, proving that big dreams can indeed lead to even bigger success. Product Page, March 2024

The technology used by the website

Part of Dan-O’s seasoning success can be attributed to its smart utilization of technology and captivating website design. By effectively leveraging digital platforms, Dan-O’s has enhanced customer engagement and expanded its reach. The sleek website design not only attracts visitors but also provides a seamless browsing experience. Below, you can find a list of the most significant plugins and technologies used by the website.

  • Elementor for WordPress is a solid foundation for millions of websites. It allows you to build, manage, and host your website even if you are not tech-savvy.
  • Mailchimp for WooCommerce. This email and SMS management plugin can help you create highly personalized campaigns that can help your business on many levels, from better transparency to driving repeat purchases.
  • Accessibility by UserWay. It is a widget that creates a simpler and more accessible browsing experience for users.
  • Yoast is a great SEO plugin. It provides straightforward content suggestions that can increase your website’s visibility and organic traffic.
  • Back In Stock Notifications. This simple plugin allows customers to sign up for a waitlist when a product is out of stock and sends automated emails when it is available again.
  • Autoship Cloud for WooCommerce allows you to enable any of your WooCommerce products for subscriptions, subscribe and save, repeat ordering, and delivery.

We listed here the most outstanding plugins used by Dan-O’s Seasoning, which can also help you enhance your website. These tools improve design, user-friendliness, and website management, giving you an edge in attracting customers. Investing in modern technology for your website is definitely worth it in the competitive world of online business. Shop Page, March 2024 My Cart, March 2024 Checkout, March 2024

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Tom is a senior customer support representative at GeekSeller with over half a decade of experience in the e-commerce space. Tom enjoys biking, hiking, and painting.

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Keep up with e-commerce news!

Stay updated on what is happening in the industry. Subscribe to our newsletter and receive our Walmart Listing Optimization ebook for free!