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E-Commerce Web Spotlight: Robert August Apparel (Woo)

Welcome to E-Commerce Web Spotlight! In this series, we dive into the world of e-commerce websites, showcasing unique features, innovative designs, and the technologies that power them. Discover what makes each site stand out in the digital marketplace.

Today, we discover, a sleek website powered by WooCommerce that offers a curated selection of shoes and accessories. From elegant footwear to stylish bags and belts, this website provides everything you need for a seamless shopping experience. One standout feature is its array of plugins designed to streamline the buying process, including the innovative FeetSizr app, ensuring you never purchase the wrong size again. What’s more, you can unleash your creativity with the option to design your own pair of shoes! With its user-friendly interface and unique features, is your go-to destination for footwear fashion.

Company background

Since 2016, Robert August has been synonymous with high-quality footwear and accessories tailored to match individual styles. Embracing both cutting-edge technologies and traditional craftsmanship, Robert August offers a seamless fusion of innovation and heritage. Through 360 Degree Design Studio, clients can embark on a journey to create unique designs for themselves. The company’s made-to-order process not only caters to individual preferences but also minimizes waste, delivering a true luxury experience. From a modest selection in 2016, the collection has expanded to include a diverse range of men’s and women’s footwear and leather goods, featuring specialty finishes like Hand Patina and Exotic Leathers. As the company continues to grow, Robert August remains steadfast in the commitment to counter the fast fashion trend, prioritizing luxury and craftsmanship. The company is located in Europe and the United States.

The technology used by the website

Below, we’ve compiled a selection of the most outstanding plugins and features offered by Robert August website:

  • FeetSizr is an app that allows you to easily create your 3D footprint ID. You can then use it on Robert August’s website to fit your shoes online.
  • Elementor for WordPress is a solid foundation for millions of websites. It allows you to build, manage, and host your website even if you are not tech-savvy.
  • WooCommerce Product Add-Ons, with this plugin, you can offer special options like personal engraving, upgrading to premium fabric or customizing products.
  • Mailchimp for WooCommerce. This email and SMS management plugin can help you create highly personalized campaigns that can help your business on many levels, from better transparency to driving repeat purchases.
  • Yoast is a great SEO plugin. It provides straightforward content suggestions that can increase your website’s visibility and organic traffic.
  • Trustpilot reviews, it adds TrustBox for your WooCommerce site with Trustpilot reviews plugin.

These plugins streamline the website navigation, shopping experience, and post-purchase interactions for customers. They may significantly enhance your website coherence and user-friendliness.

Design feature and Affiliates program

The Robert August website truly distinguishes itself by offering customers the opportunity to design their own shoes. With the ability to choose from pre-made patterns across three distinct collections, customers can then personalize details such as finish, toe design, sole type, and colors for each component. The entire customization process is visualized through a 3D, fully rotatable image of the designed shoe, providing a delightful experience for creative and demanding customers in search of uniqueness.

Additionally, companies may find the Robert August affiliate program of particular interest. This program offers the opportunity to leverage their innovative 360 Design feature and earn a commission of 12% on every sale generated through the affiliate link. It presents a lucrative partnership option for businesses looking to offer unique Robert August’s products.

In conclusion, Robert August stands as a remarkable company that seamlessly blends traditional craftsmanship with modern technology. Recognized by prestigious publications such as Forbes, Cool Material, and Buzzfeed, it has earned widespread acclaim for its innovative approach to footwear design and customization. With a commitment to quality, creativity, and customer satisfaction, Robert August continues to set the standard for luxury footwear in today’s evolving market landscape.

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Stay updated on what is happening in the industry. Subscribe to our newsletter and receive our Walmart Listing Optimization ebook for free!