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Sell on Google Express with Shopping Actions

If you are interested in using GeekSeller for Google Actions,
please contact us at

Selling on Google

Google Ads allows you to pay Google to display a link to your website when people search for related terms. Google Shopping can be used to promote your website visually with an image as illustrated below. Both Google Ads and Google Shopping offer PPC (pay per click) pricing. Google generates charges based on how many times an ad gets clicked on. Once someone clicks on the ad, they are directed to the retailer’s website where they can make a purchase.

Earlier this year Google introduced Shopping Actions— a shopping program which allows retailers to list their products on Google; not through a link to their website, but as Google listing that will be dropshipped by the retailer. This functions the same way as Amazon, Jet, Walmart, and eBay. It’s a new marketplace by Google that allows 3P sellers to list their products.

Google calls this program Shopping Actions because as you submit your products to Google, they make them available on multiple Google platforms including Google Assistant (similar to Amazon’s Alexa) and Google Express, a visually familiar online marketplace that you can explore at

Below you can see that among all the pay per click ads that redirect to the retailer’s site, there is a product that is listed as sold by Google Express.

This link will redirect to (as shown below). Note that Target is also listed as a retailer on this page, which is interesting because on the previous page we saw the same product listed “by Target.” Since we clicked on the Google Express link, we were directed to Google’s platform, and Google will charge Target commission after the completion of the sale. If we’d chosen the Target link shown above, Google would charge Target at the moment we clicked, and we would complete the sale on Target’s platform.

I personally prefer to shop on Google Express because:

Instead of shopping on a single site and trusting them to provide the best pricing, you can see the price offered by other retailers on Google Express (a typical buy box).

If you are very loyal to the retailer, you can shop from them exclusively. This example shows a page that works like a private store offering only Walmart products.

You can easily switch between retailers and end up with a blended shopping cart. Free Shipping is counted on the retailer level, which makes a perfect sense.

Of course, payment is super simple. As you check out you’ll see a clear summary of how many packages to expect, etc.

It is also interesting to see how Google customizes the experience for retailers. For example, if you want to buy products from Costco, you need to have a membership:

How can I sell on Google Express ?

  1. You need to have a Google merchant account with products loaded to it, in order to apply for Google Express. It is simple and free to create it – click here.

  2. Then, in order to sell on Google Express you need to be accepted to the marketplace. Fill out this form to show an interest in joining the program.

  3. If you are interested in connecting your Google Actions account to your GeekSeller account, please contact us.

If you are interested in using GeekSeller for Google Actions, please contact us at

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  1. Great Fashion January 28, 2021 3:01 pm

    Can I sell on google express?

    1. GeekSeller January 28, 2021 3:22 pm

      Hi, “Google Express” program is now called “Buy on Google” and at the moment Google closed the registration. However, very soon it will be open again and all sellers will be able to join. Please make sure to sign up for our blog updates at, we will be announcing it.


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