Jet introduces reviews

This month Jet added reviews to their website, something the GeekSeller team has been hoping to see for a long time. This enables Jet buyers to leave reviews on products. This is an important feature, as most shoppers make buying decisions based on reviews. Below are a few highlights about Jet’s review system:

  • Buyers will need to be logged in to their Jet account to post a review, but not necessarily buy a product.

  • Each review is manually approved by Jet team. GeekSeller has no way to approve any reviews.

  • At the moment we do not have any official information about how sellers can interact with those reviews and how they will impact products in terms of a position within the Jet catalog.

  • Jet is using Walmart’s database of reviews, see an example below (screenshot of Jet layout as of March 2017):


May 2019 Update change layout, and the page looks now different. As you may notice, this products gained 70 new reviews during a period of 2 years.

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