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Everything You Need to Know About Starting to Sell on Walmart Canada – Webinar

On Aug 28, 2019, GeekSeller and Walmart Canada hosted a webinar on getting approved to sell on Walmart.CA.

Below you can find a recording of the webinar along with important links and answers to questions asked by sellers regarding selling on Walmart Canada.

How do I join the Walmart Canada Marketplace?

Visit and click Apply Now! If you have any questions about the application or you need assistance with filling out this form, please contact GeekSeller support.

On the form, please select GeekSeller as your solution provider.:

We are located in the US. Would it possible for us to sell on Walmart Canada?

Yes, US companies can sell on Walmart Canada. You only need to have:

  • a Canadian business number
  • and be set up as an importer of record (NRI).

For Business number and NRI registrations, please see the following links:

If you are already a US seller on US can you sell on Walmart.CA? Also if you are already a Canadian Seller do you have to be a US Seller to sell on Walmart US?

Existing Walmart US marketplace sellers still need to complete an application for Walmart Canada. However, the onboarding process is faster owing to reduced compliance requirements.

What is the referral fee per order?

The referral fees are available here. Walmart Canada does not charge any other fees like monthly subscription, item setup, returns fee, etc.

When it comes to returns do we get to decide or its customer’s choice to return back to the supplier directly or return it to Walmart Store, how does it work?

Customers are provided with a link to contact the seller in the confirmation email. We recommend customers use this option when they have issues with their order, including if they wish to return an item. However, it is up to the customer if they prefer to return an item in-store vs dealing directly.

How are returns managed?

Customers are provided with a link to contact the seller if they wish to return the product. If the customer chooses to return in-store, we consolidate the inventory for each seller and ship it back to the seller’s warehouse with the entire cost for reverse logistics being taken care of by Walmart Canada.

Are restocking fee permitted?

Currently, Walmart Canada pays for return shipping from stores to their 3rd party returns center, all handling costs and the return shipping back to the seller’s return center, even if the seller is not based in Canada.

Restocking fees are currently allowed for direct-to-seller returns. However, Walmart does not have this option for in-store returns.

Are returns aggregated over a period of time and shipped back to the US seller, or are returns shipped back individually as they are returned in-store?

In-store returns are consolidated at our returns center and shipped out every 30 days, depending on volume.

Can a seller opt-out of in-store return?

No, this program is mandatory for all sellers.

Are there any marketing opportunities like sponsored products or email marketing?

Sellers can get their promotional items featured in online sale events and deals of the week. We are working on developing more marketing packages for our sellers and will keep you updated. Our category management team will work with you to help grow your business on our platform.

Does Walmart.CA require price matching with Amazon.CA?

Sellers are completely free to decide their pricing strategy and Walmart Canada does not play a role in setting prices.

Will pricing be in USD or Canadian dollars?

All pricing is in Canadian Dollars.

Do item descriptions have to be in English and French?

We require the initial catalog to be in English and French can be added over a period of time.

Can I use to fulfill orders from Walmart.CA?

At the moment Deliverr provides 3PL services within the US, however, they are expanding and planning to ship internationally soon. Please contact them for details.

What about duty?

When shipping, sellers need to cover duty collected on the border, so the buyer does not have to pay it. Sellers are allowed to include the cost of duties in the cost of the items.

What about taxation when selling on Walmart Canada?

If a seller is registered to collect GST and/or QST/PST in Canada, they can submit their tax numbers to Walmart. Walmart will collect the tax from customers, at check out, on seller’s behalf and send to the seller the funds so they can remit them to the government if they choose to do so.

Payment of taxes depends on how a company is set up with the Canadian authorities. More details are available at the links below.

Is there a concept of buy box on Walmart Canada? Can multiple sellers sell the same product?

Yes, Walmart Canada offers multi-offer buy box (similar to Walmart US). Learn more.

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  1. Anu Lawrence March 22, 2021 1:55 am


    Woman To Woman Naturals have been approved to set up a seller account on We are in need of help with the onboard Process and third party fulfillment in Canada.

    Please let us know if you can help with set up.

    Elizabeth Lawrence

    1. GeekSeller March 22, 2021 1:14 pm

      Hi Elizabeth, Yes, we assist with onboarding and we should be able to connect your 3PL to Walmart Canada. If you schedule a demo with us, we can look into this with you more closely and show you how it works. Thank you,

  2. Victor April 16, 2021 12:54 pm


    ErdenGobi International Trading Inc. have been approved to set up a seller account on We are in need of help with the onboard Process and third party fulfillment in Canada, also, we need to register GST/HST account.

    Please let us know if you can help with set up.

    Victor Borjigin

    1. GeekSeller April 17, 2021 8:03 pm

      Hi Victor, we can assist with that. Our support will contact you directly to schedule a demo. Thank you!


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