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Integrations with FedEx, UPS, and USPS for shipping label generation. GeekSeller provides full support for Ship to Store orders.
GeekSeller can bridge the connection between Walmart DSV and Shopify. Transfer products from Shopify to Walmart, then manage your Walmart quantities and orders directly from Shopify.
Generating labels with ShipStation? As an official ShipStation partner, we offer an advanced solution for integrating your Walmart DSV store with ShipStation.

Need another integration? We specialize in Walmart API. Please contact us for details to discuss your integration needs.

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Walmart DSV Requirements

  • Products cannot be on the restricted brands and products list.
  • Each product must have an identifier like a UPC or EAN.
  • Phone and email support must be available for buyers.
  • Products must be shipped in in plain, unbranded boxes.
  • Products must be shippable across the continental United States and Canada.
  • High-quality new or refurbished products.
  • Competitive pricing.

DSV vs. 3P

Here are a few of the benefits of being a Drop Ship Vendor over a 3P Seller:
Sold by Walmart

DSV products are listed as “Sold by Walmart,” which boosts your product’s credibility.

Free Shipping

Your products are eligible for free shipping and Walmart covers all shipping charges.

Ship to Store

Buyers can choose to have your products shipped to their local Walmart store where they can pick it up.

Buy Box

If a 3P merchant is selling the same product as a DSV seller, the DSV seller is more likely to win the buy box.


As a multivendor marketplace, Walmart gives sellers limited authority to request changes. DSV sellers are prioritized as having more credibility to update product page information.


DSV sellers must have a proven track record of great customer service and quality products. While 3P sellers are held to high standards, DSV merchants are under even more scrutiny.

Already approved by Walmart?​

GeekSeller will assist you with onboarding and optimization. We can help you integrate your Walmart account with other channels.

Not approved by Walmart yet?

If you sell quality products, provide competitive price and reliable shipping, Walmart is looking for sellers like you.

Tips &
tricks for

Walmart Marketplace Application Requirements

Unlike some of the other top marketplaces, Walmarts’ third-party marketplace has more than a few Application requirements which leave more than a few sellers (who have found Success on Google, Amazon, or eBay) asking themselves “Why should I also sell on Walmart?” to answer that, let us look at some data.

Enabling Vacation Mode for the Walmart marketplace

Unlike other online marketplaces, Walmarts’ Marketplace does not have a simple way of entering a time frame for when you do not want to accept orders. You have two options to put your Walmart Marketplace account into a sort of “Vacation Mode.” One way where orders can still be made, and the other way buyers will be unable to purchase your products during the specified time period.

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