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Selling on Walmart Canada Marketplace – Webinar

GeekSeller hosted a joint webinar with the Walmart Canada team, discussing opportunities to sell on, the new Ship With Walmart program, and how to join the Walmart Canada Marketplace. Check this post for more information about Walmart Canada marketplace and integration.

In addition to the information covered in the webinar, below we cover answers to the frequently asked questions about the Walmart Canada Marketplace.

Q: Do you need to register in Canada for tax purposes as a U. S. seller?
A: You need to get a Canadian Business Number as sellers must be the importers.  You have the option to register for taxes to be able to add taxes at check out.

Q: Does Walmart help you with the process of setting up your Canadian Business Number?
A: If you require assistance, the Walmart Canada team can connect you with some of their partners who can support you in this process. You can contact the Walmart Canada team at

Q: How to register to sell on Walmart Canada?
A: Use the application link or reach out to the Walmart Canada team at

Q: Can Canadian businesses sell on the US marketplace?
A: Yes, but please check for details on becoming a seller with Walmart US, you will need the US Business tax ID, and a US business address.

Q: I have already been approved to sell on the Walmart Canada Marketplace, I just need to get the business number and non-resident importer license, do you have a direct link for that?
A: Please check this for more details Also, for Sellers integrating with Ship with Walmart, Sellers will complete Non-Resident Importer paperwork with the carrier.

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