How to Avoid Walmart Suspension

With the constantly growing customer demand in E-Commerce, there are times when sellers and carriers may feel a bit overwhelmed with the sales volume. From time to time, a late or defective shipment can happen to anyone. If there are a few, you should be fine, but what if you have dozens of them on your Walmart scorecard? Well, you might get suspended…

Reasons of Walmart suspension and how to avoid it

Your Walmart account may be suspended for a few reasons. Mainly it happens when you do not adhere to the Walmart Seller Policy agreement, which consists of many sections like returns policy, customer care requirements, etc. This is a broad subject, so below, we will mainly focus on the strategies that can help you avoid the suspension.

  • Monitor your performance standards regularly to make sure it is within the accepted threshold.
    • There are four key performance metrics: cancellation rate, on-time delivery rate, return rate, and valid tracking rate.
    • If you fail to meet one or more of the standards, you will receive up to two email alerts and 21 days to improve your performance before the suspension.
Walmart performance metrics 2021

You can monitor your metrics on Walmart Seller Center > Analytics > Performance > Orders & Fulfillment tab. If you find it hard to meet Walmart performance standards, you should consider using Walmart Fulfillment Service (WFS) and do not worry about the shipping metrics.

  • Do not ship your products from other retailers or take advantage of selling arbitrage. Any account suspected of arbitrage will be suspended immediately and might be terminated.
    • Always ship items in unbranded boxes and envelopes unless the item ships in the manufacturer’s packaging.
    • Walmart expects all sellers to own their inventory.
  • Review Walmart’s product policy to make sure that your items do not violate it. Especially items from Food, Medicine, and Baby category should be checked.
    • Offer products that are new, authentic, and that you are entitled to sell.
  • Provide excellent customer service.
    • Describe your products in a transparent way to provide all of the information required from the customer’s standpoint.
    • Provide timely responses to customer questions.

Do not panic even if you fail to apply some of these rules. Walmart always sends warning notices to the Business Management contact listed on your Partner Profile and gives some time to adhere to the requirements provided in the warning message. Only if you fail to meet these requirements for an extended period of time you will receive Walmart suspension.

My Walmart account is suspended. What now?

Walmart suspension on Walmart Seller Center

Each Walmart suspension case is unique. Some sellers might be suspended for 14 days, and others can be facing the threat of account termination. You should receive all details about your suspension and requirements in the email from Walmart support. In general, if your account was suspended due to the failure to maintain the Seller Performance Standards, you can follow these steps to file an appeal:

  1. Review your past and current performance (Analytics > Performance tab) and look for ways to improve. If you are a GeekSeller user and you are not sure how to improve it, contact us. We can review your account and help you communicate with Walmart.
  2. Based on your findings, create a Business Plan of Action consisting of detailed steps you will take to address the issues. You must show Walmart that you understand the root cause of it and that you will prevent it in the future.
    If you are using or planning to use some external services like GeekSeller or Deliverr you can mention that you will work with them to improve your performance.
  3. Once you have created a plan of action, you can file an appeal as you would open a regular support case on Walmart Seller Center. In the category selection screen pick: My Account > Performance Issues > Appealing Account Suspension.
Category path of suspension appeal

Please keep in mind not all of the sellers are eligible for appeal. Check the suspension email you received from Walmart to find out if you can file it.

  1. After your account is reinstated, you must apply the steps outlined in your plan of action to improve your performance. If you will fail to do that, your account will be suspended again or even terminated.

What we can do to help

As mentioned in the previous paragraph, if you are a GeekSeller user, we can help you to identify the issues on your account, create a plan of action and contact Walmart for additional information. We can also help you adhere to the business plan of action to avoid suspension in the future. You can see details about our Walmart integration here.

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