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Enabling Vacation Mode for the Walmart marketplace

Unlike other online marketplaces, Walmarts’ Marketplace does not have a simple way of entering a time frame for when you do not want to accept orders. You have two options to put your Walmart Marketplace account into a sort of “Vacation Mode.” One way where orders can still be made, and the other way buyers will be unable to purchase your products during the specified time period.

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Walmart Business line of Credit – See if you qualify

Due to the explosion of eCommerce sales and the anticipated closing of 80,000 retail stores by 2026. Walmart has been offering, through their partnership with Goldman Sachs, the ability to apply for a Walmart business line of credit of up to $250,000 with interests rates ranging from 6.99% to 9.99% in the hopes that giving Marketplace Sellers access to capital will result in boosting Walmart’s share of the growing eCommerce market.

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Walmart Phone Support for WFS Sellers

If you participate in Walmart WFS (Walmart Fulfillment Services) program and run into some issues, there’s good news. You can now contact Walmart not only via a support case through Walmart Seller Center but also call them to get immediate support. As for now, phone support is only available for WFS related categories and issues; other concerns have to be still addressed via support cases.

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Walmart E-Commerce Marketplace Soon Available to Foreign Sellers

According to Walmart CEO Doug McMillon’s announcement, Walmart will begin opening its third-party marketplace to foreign sellers this month. Non-US vendors will no longer need a US-based warehouse and US tax number. Walmart will still have strict approval requirements for new sellers, but in general, this is excellent news for the foreign sellers who wanted to start selling on the marketplace.

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