Amazon Repricing

Automatic price adjustment

What is Amazon Repricing?
Amazon (FBA and FBM) Repricer is a functionality which automatically changes your prices based on market prices. For example, you can set up that a price for your products that can fluctuate between $8 and $10 dollars. The repricing software checks what the lowest price is of your products on the market, and changes a price of your product to be the lowest one, while not going lower than your minimum. It also works in the other direction, if your competition offer is much more expensive than yours (or there is no competition), repricing will increase your prices, while still keep them below what other merchants offer.

Repricing is a very popular concept, especially among Amazon sellers, however on the Amazon platform, repricing seems even more important. On Amazon, buyers select merchants themselves, so if your product is 10c cheaper than a competition, this is still up to the user to make the final decision on where to purchase a product from, and this decision could be determined either randomly or based on a ranking/reviews. With Walmart, on the other hand, the algorithm is selecting a winner, so if your offer is even 1c better than your competition, you are chosen as a winner.

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