What can GeekSeller do for you?

Quantity Management

Synchronize quantities between marketplaces
Manage quantities across connected platforms from a single location. GeekSeller automatically adjusts to account for all new orders.

Quantity Rules

Control the flow of inventory levels
Specify what quantity to send to each platform with advanced rules for quantity management.

Order Management

Manage orders for all connected platforms from a single panel. We integrate with over 100 carriers and provide USPS Commercial Plus Pricing – the lowest available.

Product Management

Add and edit your listings
Manage product data across multiple platforms; import, export, and update data through a user friendly interface.

Bulk Edit Data

Advanced file import
Update large amounts of information in bulk.

Price Management

Omnichannel Price Management
Manage product pricing across marketplaces from a single location. Update prices via a spreadsheet or FTP/SFTP. We also offer Walmart and Jet repricers, Amazon Buy Box monitoring, and new offer alerts.


Create rules to automate tasks
Modify orders and trigger a variety of actions based on custom rules to automate your work.


Data analytics dashboard
Various cross-channel visual and CSV reports detailing your e-commerce business's trends.

Bundles and Kits

We support for bundles and kits by syncing quantities for bundles, kits, and their components.


Electronic Data Interchange
We provide EDI integrations for the e-commerce and retail industry.

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