Ecommerce Order Fulfillment Company

Nationwide 1-Day & 2-Day shipping

at Less than Ground Rates, across all your sales channels

and many more…

Only with Cahoot, now you can fulfill nationwide

Amazon Seller Fulfilled Prime

orders with zero additional cost

What is Cahoot?

How it works

Cahoot integrates directly into GeekSeller allowing orders to be passed from Walmart (or other marketplaces) to GeekSeller and then to Cahoot for fulfillment. Inventory levels pass from Cahoot to GeekSeller, and then to marketplaces.

marketplaces and sales channels

Step 1

Create a GeekSeller and a Cahoot account

Step 2

Integrate your GeekSeller and Cahoot accounts. Here's how.

Step 3

Send inventory to Cahoot's peer network

Step 4

manage and fulfill orders effortless and scale exponenctially

Ready to get started?

Get a GeekSeller Account
You need a GeekSeller account to get your products prepared and submitted to Cahoot. We also offer multichannel solutions to integrate with other platforms. GeekSeller will process your orders and send them to Cahoot.
Get a Cahoot Account
Offer 1-day and 2-day delivery to all your customers nationwide at ground rates or less. Ship with the lowest fulfillment costs, period, thanks to our unique fulfillment network.

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