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Walmart Support Tickets!

Walmart Support Tickets!

Our experts handle everything, including contacting Walmart Support on your behalf if necessary.
GeekSeller is an official Walmart Partner since 2016. Trusted by more than 2000 sellers!

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We know how important good customer support is to your businesses.
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"My Walmart shipping template glitched and gave each customer Free Shipping on every order. Walmart Support couldn't figure out why, but I contacted Geekseller and spoke with Tomaz. He went above and beyond and corrected the glitch. Thanks so much! 5 STARS!" -Katie

Marketplace Pulse has listed GeekSeller as one of the most important companies in the e-commerce marketplace ecosystem See details.


We're really proud of our strong partnership with Walmart at GeekSeller. It's all about teamwork and providing the best tools and support to those selling on Walmart. I personally make it a point to stay on top of the latest trends in ecommerce and retail. This way, we ensure that our customers and support team are always informed about the newest developments and features.

Daniel Sodkiewicz
Co-founder and CTO of GeekSeller

How we can help

Product Data Updates

Walmart restricts updates to product details to avoid unintended changes. Correcting inaccurate information in listings requires time and patience, as it involves submitting details to Walmart support and waiting for their resolution. Not all changes may be accepted by Walmart. Nonetheless, we can assist you in submitting requests, communicating with Walmart support on your behalf, and monitoring the progress.

Shipping Templates

Enhance your shipping process by using automated shipping templates, which help display accurate delivery times and increase sales. Our team of experts is ready to assist you in creating and uploading the perfect templates for your needs.

Product Creation

Get assistance with transferring products from other platforms to Walmart or creating them from scratch. We'll help ensure your product images are top-notch and the content is optimized with attributes that enhance product visibility. Our team specializes in fine-tuning every aspect of your product listings to make them stand out on Walmart's marketplace.

Seller-Buyer Disputes

We provide support in handling disputes effectively, guiding you through marketplace rules, and facilitating communication with Walmart support. Our expertise ensures swift and efficient resolution of any issues, keeping your transactions smooth.

Converting Products to WFS

Get help in making your products eligible for Walmart Fulfillment Services (WFS). We not only guide you through the conversion process but also assist you in understanding how to prepare WFS shipments effectively.


New to Walmart? We'll assist you in getting set up by handling the initial account settings and giving you a comprehensive overview of the platform. Our support makes starting on Walmart smooth and straightforward.

Performance Monitoring

Ensure the health of your account is constantly monitored, so you're aware of any potential issues and opportunities ahead of time. We keep a vigilant eye on your account's performance for proactive management.


Boost your product visibility with discounts and promotions. Our team will guide you through setting up and managing these promotional activities effectively to attract more customers.

Repricer Assistance

Let us help you identify which products to reprice and guide you in setting up your repricing strategy. We'll make the process straightforward and effective, ensuring your pricing stays competitive.

3rd Party Integrations

We help you connect key third-party systems like ShipStation, Shopify, QuickBooks, and 3PLs to Walmart. Our focus is on providing top-notch consulting, regardless of the tools you use, including GeekSeller competitors.

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