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Integrations with FedEx, UPS and USPS to automate shipping label creation.
GeekSeller can bridge the connection between Google and Shopify. Manage your Google quantities and orders directly from Shopify.
Generating labels with ShipStation? GeekSeller is an official partner. We offer an advanced solution for integrating Google with ShipStation.

Need another integration? Please contact us to discuss your integration needs.

Selling on Google – Webinar

GeekSeller and Google hosted a webinar on getting approved to sell on Google’s online marketplace.

Watch a recording of the webinar, as well as see the most important links, information, and answers to questions asked during the webinar.

Already approved by Google?

Sell on Google with GeekSeller. We can assist you with onboarding and optimization. We offer multichannel solutions to integrate your Google account with other channels.

Not approved by Google yet?

If you sell quality products, provide competitive prices and reliable shipping, Google is looking for sellers like you.

Let us show you around.

Apply to sell on Google

Can you sell on Google ?

  • Have a Google merchant account with products loaded to it, in order to apply for Google. It is simple and free to create.
  • Get accepted to the marketplace. See the steps here.
  • If you are interested in connecting your Google account to GeekSeller account, please contact us.

About Google

Buy on Google is a shopping program that functions like Amazon, Walmart, and eBay. It allows you to list products on Google; not through a link to your website, but as Google listing you can dropship.

Google calls this program Buy on Google because as you submit your products to Google, they make them available on multiple Google platforms including Google Assistant (similar to Amazon’s Alexa) and a visually familiar online marketplace.


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Walmart Pro Seller Badge

Launched in October 2020, the Walmart Pro Seller badge is a new way for sellers to build customer trust and drive conversion. The program is still in its pilot stage, and only selected sellers– who meet strict quality criteria– are eligible.

How to Sell in Latin America with Mercado Libre and GeekSeller

As the leader in a market of over 635 million people in the Latin America region with one of the world’s fastest-growing Internet penetration rates, Mercado Libre provides buyers and sellers with a robust online trading environment, now available to United States sellers.

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