Walmart has launched Walmart Realm

Walmart has launched Walmart Realm, a 3D e-commerce platform that allows users to shop virtual versions of real-world products in fantastical digital environments. Walmart continues to invest in immersive commerce, aiming to blend traditional e-commerce with innovative virtual experiences. You should check it out; it looks amazing and works incredibly fast with no lag!

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Amazon Expands to South Africa

On May 7th, Amazon expanded its global footprint by launching in South Africa, marking its first entry into sub-Saharan Africa. This move increases Amazon’s active markets to 22 worldwide. The launch was significantly delayed, coming over a year later than initially planned, due to shifting priorities within Amazon. Notably, 2023 marked a year without expansion as plans for new marketplaces in Colombia, Chile, and Nigeria were put on hold. Before this, Belgium was the latest addition in October 2022. South Africa, alongside Nigeria, represents one of the largest e-commerce markets in the region.

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Amazon Adds 5 Million New Sellers Over the Last 6 Years

Marketplace Pulse research indicates that Amazon has added nearly 5 million new sellers since 2018, affirming its status as the top choice for global entrepreneurs. Each day, approximately 2,000 sellers join the platform, though this significant expansion often goes unnoticed by everyday shoppers. About 40% of these new sellers are based in the U.S., with notable increases also occurring in Brazil and other international markets.

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