WFS Expands Services: Larger and Heavier Items Now Welcome!

Just in time for the holiday season, WFS has enhanced its services, allowing customers to store and ship a wider range of items without any minimum or maximum restrictions. Now accommodating products that are larger, longer, and heavier, and even those in multiple boxes, WFS caters to items such as big screen TVs, home gyms, pools, and furniture, to name a few, within new limits of up to 500 lbs. and dimensions of 120″ x 105″ x 93″.

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Introducing TikTok Shop in the U.S.

TikTok has officially launched “TikTok Shop” in the U.S., marking its entry into the e-commerce domain. This new feature will allow the platform’s 150 million American users to explore and purchase products directly from videos and live streams. The social media giant also rolled out an independent app for sellers, the “TikTok Shop Seller Center.” This dedicated app equips merchants with tools to easily link up with other prominent e-commerce platforms like WooCommerce and Shopify.

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‘Magical’ Listing Tool by eBay

eBay has unveiled a cutting-edge “magical listing” tool that employs artificial intelligence to extract product details directly from images. This innovation aims to streamline the listing process, particularly assisting first-time sellers who might find the initial listing creation daunting. Sellers upload photos in the eBay app, and the AI recommends titles, descriptions, and other crucial information. The tool, which is currently in beta testing among eBay employees, is set to be released to the broader public soon. Alongside this, eBay has enhanced its image background removal tool to further aid sellers in presenting clearer product images. Major retailers, including Amazon and Walmart, have similarly integrated AI into their operations to enhance user experience.

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UPS Announces 5.9% Rate Hike for 2024

UPS has declared a 5.9% rate increase effective December 26, 2023, shortly after FedEx announced a similar average raise starting January 1, 2024. UPS’s decision, part of its commitment to “support ongoing expansion and maintain high service levels,” will also see adjustments to its “demand surcharges,” notably nearly doubling the “Additional Handling” surcharge during the holiday season.

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