Enabling Vacation Mode for the Walmart marketplace

Unlike other online marketplaces, Walmarts’ Marketplace does not have a simple way of entering a time frame for when you do not want to accept orders. You have two options to put your Walmart Marketplace account into a sort of “Vacation Mode.” One way where orders can still be made, and the other way buyers will be unable to purchase your products during the specified time period.

Option 1: Additional days off

The Walmart Marketplace has an option to signify days off (meaning that you do not ship these days) that you can enable via the shipping setting below. Be warned though, this May not be the option that you want to choose if you are taking a vacation, as your account will still get orders and when you return you will be responsible for acknowledging and shipping those orders that came in during your days off.

This option is best used for taking an extended weekend, New Year’s Day, etc. But if you are wanting to ensure that when you return you are not spending hours acknowledging and shipping all orders that came in on your days off, you should consider option two.

Walmart vacation

Option 2: Set Quantity to Zero

When you set your quantity to zero, these products become sold out on the Walmart Marketplace making it impossible to receive orders for these products– you can use this functionality to enter a kind of ¨extended Walmart Vacation mode¨. If you have a GeekSeller account, we make it easy to enable this option for you various Walmart Marketplace connections (US, Canada, DSV)— just go to My Account -> Profile, check the box below and GeekSeller will zero out your quantity. Once you return from your vacation, just click the box again to disable Vacation mode and GeekSeller will then send your previous inventory feed. 

Walmart vacation mode

If you do not have a GeekSeller account,  you can upload an inventory file to your Walmart Seller Central updating all of your inventory to zero and when you come back, upload an inventory file again taking the correct inventory levels for your products.

If you have any questions about entering Walmart vacation mode, reach out to our support team and we will be able to assist you.

The cut off date for migrating to Walmart Shipping templates is approaching, make sure you migrate soon!

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