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Amazon Expands Subscribe & Save to Seller-Fulfilled Orders

Amazon is set to expand its popular Subscribe & Save program to include seller-fulfilled products starting June 27, 2024. This expansion allows sellers to offer discounts on frequently purchased items with the convenience of auto-delivery, driving repeat purchases and boosting brand growth.

What is the Fastest Growing Area in Logistics?

I am not a logistics expert, but logistics and 3PL are very important to GeekSeller and our customers. We have integrations and relationships with various logistics companies. Recently, I came across a post on Reddit that inspired me to dig deeper into the topic. According to the post, as voted by Redditors, the fastest growing area in logistics is the final mile.

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GeekSeller is a multichannel e-commerce platform that centralizes the activities an online seller undertakes in order to run their e-commerce business. This includes product, order, price and quantity management; as well as accounting, inventory planning, and analytics.

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