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The Bubble Wrap Deception: Are You Getting What You Paid For?

What if I told you that the 700 feet of bubble wrap you ordered was actually just 400 feet? Shocking, isn’t it? In the bustling world of e-commerce, bubble wrap is a crucial component, safeguarding our goods during transit. But are we really getting what we order? FJ Treasures, a popular YouTube channel, decided to put this to the test.

In this video, the creators compare different brands of bubble wrap that they purchased from various businesses. They ordered a specific amount of bubble wrap from each business and then measured what was actually shipped to them. Here are the results:

  • Supply Hut: Ordered 700 feet, received approximately 400 feet
  • on Ordered 700 feet, received 520 feet
  • Amazon Basics from Ordered 175 feet, received 156 feet
  • Fresh Farm branded bubble wrap: Ordered 350 Sq Ft, received 250 Sq Ft
  • American Bubble Boy: Ordered 1050 feet, received 1020 feet

About the Author

Daniel Sodkiewicz (Co-founder and CTO)

Daniel is a CTO and co-founder of GeekSeller with years of experience in software development, online marketing, UX design, and e-commerce consulting. Based in Austin, TX, he is an established expert in the industry. Daniel keeps a close eye on the latest trends and news in e-commerce and regularly writes about it on this blog and LinkedIn.

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Keep up with e-commerce news!

Stay updated on what is happening in the industry. Subscribe to our newsletter and receive our Walmart Listing Optimization ebook for free!